Hi there,

...... I began playing guitar at @ 5yrs old. My parents were both musicians so I was lucky to be exposed to jammimg with family and friends early on. On saturday nights there were often 6 or 10 people in our family room making all kinds of noise.... FUN STUFF. I played my first gig in a bar in W.Chester at 12 years old. My folks were playing country music but I wanted to play rock, then I wanted to play folk, then blues, then jazz, then R+B, then punk... I finally realized that I liked all kinda styles. Music is just so cool, whatever it is and wherever it comes from .

..... So my music is influenced by all sorts of stuff & styles, which makes it difficult sometimes to stick to a particular groove .

At the moment it looks like I have about 22 tracks from my 2 CDs and a single loaded up on this new web site. All the mp3's are free down- loads, so enjoy.

I teach guitar and bass guitar and I play drums for my own recordings. I give private lessons to about 60 students each week and it is a lot of fun to hear and teach so many different styles of music.

..... So give the Mp3 page a listen & tell me what you think.

I have a few sample lessons loaded up via "flash player", so if you're interested in lessons you can get a feel for my teaching style.

I also publish instructional books for guitar, but at the moment some are out of print because I've been having so much fun with my life that I let this stuff slide. I am currently using my own 60 page textbook with two play along CDs for teaching my private students and I have a 25 volume series in the works which I plan on launching sometime in '08. So, i've been busy as you can imagine. Drop me an email and share some thoughts.


Copyright 2003 ZERBEY MUSIC


If you think these pix are weird, check out the "Gallery" page. I've got pix stretching way back... Scary stuff, but Hey, I've got no shame, as you will see. Ha-ha


Guitar Music Lessons West Chester. Guitar Teacher Rich Zerbey West Chester Pa. Chester County Guitar Lessons. Taylor's Music. I teach electric guitar , acoustic guitar and bass guitar in West Chester PA, 19380 ph: 610-696-1715 email: richzerbey@zerbey.com www.zerbey.com I teach the following styles: rock metal hardcore emo screamo punk old school pop modern folk jam band blue funk bluegrass jazz motown country soul alternative world progressive reggae. I teach the following concepts: chords notes theory songs songwriting soloing improvisation melody harmony lead scales licks tricks riffs writing composing tab tablature indie recording music.